7 Mistakes Brides-To-Be Make When Choosing Wedding Bouquets

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Did you know over 2.4 million wedding ceremonies are conducted in the US every year? With September and October being the most popular months, a lot of preparation and planning goes into making the events a success. Brides-to-be spend hours looking at wedding floral arrangements to find inspiration for their big day. However, with so much to cover, most end up committing costly mistakes when choosing their bridal bouquets. Check out seven pitfalls to watch out for when planning for your big day.

1. Not Doing Enough Research

Florists at flower boutiques are always amazed by the large number of brides-to-be that walk in without researching on the blooms they need. Some may have unorganized inspiration boards that make it difficult for the florist to understand what the bride wants. Spend time to look for inspiration on gorgeous bouquets and centerpieces. Peruse wedding magazines and blogs to find a pattern of the style you like.

2. Not Consider Alternatives When Time is Limited

One of the biggest mistakes that brides-to-be make is focusing on a specific set of blooms and colors for their wedding day especially when making last minute purchases. Try not to be hard set on one floral arrangement that may be very difficult to recreate on short notice. It may lead to substandard arrangements.

Be open and focus on the bigger picture. Thinking out of the box may help you set the right mood for your ceremony. Otherwise, you may end up missing alternatives that you had not considered which may be equally good or even better.

3. Not Trusting Your Florist

Every bride-to-be has a unique vision for their dream wedding. Consulting the florist at the flower boutique may steer you in the right direction by stringing up the different pieces together. The florist may offer an expert opinion, which you should not ignore. Take time to schedule an appointment and listen to the florist’s views.

4. Ruling out Pricey Flowers

Flower budgets typically make up 7-10% of the total wedding budgets. While it is important to create a budget and stick to it, you should not ignore expensive blooms. Yes, some flower bouquets such as peonies and orchids cost relatively much more. However, the blooms usually cover more space, making them attractive DIY wedding centerpieces.

5. Biting More Than You Can Chew

Planning a wedding can be quite hectic and overwhelming. It is easy for brides-to-be to feel exhausted from the different choices they need to make, from picking the right dress to finding the best flower boutique. It may be prudent to rope in some family members and friends to help you in the search for the perfect blooms.

6. Not Ordering Early Enough

While most flowers nowadays can be accessed at any time of the year, some blooms remain seasonal and can only be shipped from specific parts of the world. Consult your flower boutique on the availability of your preferred bouquets. Early orders give your florist enough time to source your flowers. You won’t miss out on your preferred blooms on your big day.

7. Using One Color Theme

Monochromatic wedding arrangements are pretty when done correctly. However, trying to match the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses to the hue of your blooms is just not a good idea. The flower bouquets may fail to stand out, creating an album of bland and disappointing pictures.

Floral arrangements play a critical role in setting the mood for your wedding day. Avoiding these costly mistakes as you visit the flower boutique may save the day from becoming catastrophic. Remember, your florist should be well invested in your wedding just as you are.

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