Do It Yourself

Imagine the floral decor and arrangements of your dreams adorning the walls, tables, and aisle at your wedding. For many brides in Dallas, this isn’t an option due to budget. However, with Thistle & That, we provide the same, high-quality flowers our clients want at a much more affordable price. Our bridal bouquets start at $40 for premium flowers!

We offer wholesale wedding flower pricing to the public, along with guidance and tutorials that show you how to assemble stunning floral arrangements from the comfort of your own home.  For budget-conscious brides and grooms, this is the DIY option that provides the beauty of a professional arrangement at an affordable price.

You choose the colors, the flowers, the styles, and we provide the tools you need to turn your dream wedding on a budget into reality.  We offer the following:


  • loose stems
  • ribbon
  • wire
  • pins
  • candles
  • floral containers
  • and more!

All containers and candles are rented at an affordable price, so you can have the tabletop decor you want without having to break the bank or worry about what you’ll do with your accessories after the event is over.

For the perfectly planned event in the Dallas area, simply reach out to our wedding florist team and we will schedule a full consultation to discuss your wedding or event.  So, if you are ready to learn more about our available tutorials and floral inventory then reach out and schedule a free consultation today.  Dazzle, delight, and design on your terms with Thistle & That. We look forward to working with you.