The Best Ways You Can Preserve and Display Your Wedding Bouquet

diy flower bouquetsDid you know that every year, there are approximately 2.4 million weddings in the United States?


A lot of prep, planning, and heart goes into each one of these events, whether it’s a big or small ceremony. If you’re currently planning your own wedding at the moment, we advise you to think about this one small detail before you walk down the aisle. Aside from beautiful pictures, how else do you want to remember and cherish your special day for many years to come?


You can preserve and display your flower bouquet, of course!


If you are confused on how to do just that, continue reading to learn some of the best ways you can preserve DIY flower bouquets.


Why Preserve DIY Flower Bouquets?


When you DIY your own floral arrangement, you get to make it a lot more personalized to you. To get the most out of this preservation process, choose flowers that have a special meaning to you. You can honor a loved one who has passed away by adding their birth flower to your floral arrangement. Perhaps add flowers from special moments in your relationship, such as anniversaries. For example, if you met your partner in June, roses are an excellent, timeless, and gorgeous pick.


Preserving them will encapsulate all of these memories and not just the day of your wedding. But many other cherished moments in your life too.


A Shadow Box


Using a shadow box is a great way to display your bridal bouquet as a work of art in your home. You can hang your shadow box anywhere. Not only will you be able to see it every day, but it will also serve as a great conversation starter. You can customize it further and have something printed onto the glass, such as your favorite quote or your wedding date.


This is how you can prep your bridal bouquet for the shadow box method:


  1. Take the flowers out of their vase. Use a paper towel to soak up any moisture.
  2. Cut the stems about six inches.
  3. Then, you must dry the flowers. Hang them upside down for a few days or a week. This is the best method since the bouquet will retain its shape.
  4. After the allotted time, touch the petals and make sure they have a dry and crispy feel.
  5. Take them down from the hanging position and press them into the shadow box of your choice.
  6. Display your new work of art in your home.


Make a Resin Mold


Fill a mold half-way using an epoxy resin. Insert your flowers. Fill the rest of the mold with the resin and let it dry.


Press Select Flowers into Your Sign-in Book


For this method, take a few of your favorite flowers from your bouquet and press them into the sign-in book or wedding album.


For this method, all you will need to do is set two pieces of paper down on the sheets to soak up any moisture. Then, cut the stems at an angle, remove any low growing leaves, press into a book, and set something heavy on top.


Final Thoughts on DIY Flower Bouquets


DIY flower bouquets can have so much more meaning than your standard wedding arrangement. So much so, that you may find yourself wanting to keep your flowers preserved for many years to come. And why wouldn’t you? Keeping your bouquet will serve as a timeless memory, that you can keep in your home or look back on when times get difficult.


These are just a few methods you can utilize to make the most out of your bouquet. Yes, it’s one small detail out of many you must give some thought to when organizing your wedding. But you will be happy to have this special memory forever.

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