What to Consider When Creating a Bouquet For Your Elopement

Although an average of 44,230 weddings take place each weekend in the United States, the current pandemic has put a damper on many nuptials scheduled to take place in the coming weeks and months. As a result, some couples are postponing their weddings for another time. But others are forging ahead — albeit in a more intimate way.

Since large public gatherings aren’t currently permitted or advisable, couples may forgo a more formal wedding in favor of an elopement. Typically, elopements exclude certain guests from the ceremony. A couple may choose to get married without their friends or family members present; some may not even notify their parents. Alternatively, you can elope while still having your closest relatives be present. However, you won’t have a bridal party or other guests.

For couples who are intent on getting married on their original wedding date, an elopement can be an excellent option. After all, you can still host a reception for loved ones once it’s safe to do so. But an elopement can allow you to celebrate your love in a more intimate way — which is why many couples would prefer this option at any time.

Even without a big ceremony, you may still want to keep some elements of a traditional wedding at your elopement. Many brides still wear a wedding gown, though some may choose to wear something a bit less conventional. In addition, many couples decide they still want to work with local floral boutiques to create a bouquet for the big day. While you may not be interested in large wedding bouquet decorations, you may want to explore the simple bridal bouquets that are available to you. Whether you’re creating DIY wedding flowers or are looking for a wedding flower package that would be appropriate for an elopement, here are a few factors to keep in mind.


When it comes to simple bridal bouquets, it’s usually a good idea to incorporate flowers that are in season and readily available. Elopements are often planned with little time to spare, so you’ll need to focus on blooms that your florist can easily access. You probably won’t be able to source from outside your immediate area, so talk to your florist and see which kinds of flowers would be most realistic for you to find for your elopement.


The area in which you’ll be eloping will likely impact the flower arrangement you choose. From a practical standpoint, you won’t want to choose a bouquet that could be wrecked in-transit. Ideally, you’ll also want to choose an arrangement that will reflect your surroundings. If you’re outside in your parents’ backyard, it might be appropriate to have a wildflower feel to your bouquet. But if you’re getting married at the courthouse, you might want to keep things a bit more simple and classic. While the location shouldn’t be your only determining factor, keeping the locale in mind will ensure your bouquet won’t look out of place.

Personal Preference

When you’re throwing a big ceremony and reception, the wedding bouquet decorations you choose may be influenced by friends and family members or the size of the venue. But when you elope, you can choose flowers that you personally love or that symbolize something special about your partnership. You won’t necessarily have to keep up appearances. Instead, you can include flowers you enjoy and that make you smile on the day of your elopement.

Whether you’re picking out wedding bouquet decorations for next year or you’ve embraced the idea of an elopement in the coming months, we’re here to ensure your special day is as beautiful as it can be. For more information, please contact us today.

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