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Create Your Dream Wedding On a Budget

Every little child dreams of their wedding — a magical, grand party gilded with magic. However, the reality of the cost when planning their wedding in Fort Worth can cause many of those dreams to seem like just a fantasy. However, with wholesale flowers and the help of Thistle & That, you can enjoy beautiful, fresh blooms on your big day.

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Thistle & That Provides

  • Tutorials for DIY-ing your wedding flowers
  • Six different styles and hundreds of designs to choose from
  • Access to discounted premium wholesale flowers
  • Additional decor item rentals
  • One stop for all your wedding decor needs

Stick to Your Budget & Create the Wedding Flowers of Your Dreams

We all have Pinterest aspirations for our wedding, but don’t always have the budget to achieve them. Especially, when it comes to fresh flowers. Choosing to have real blooms on your big day can easily take you over your budget, leaving brides and grooms in Hurst few options but to settle for less-than-ideal decor items. However, Thistle & That wanted to change all at. 

We offer premium, wholesale flowers at affordable prices and the tutorials to help you create beautiful arrangements and bouquets. 

How It Works

Weddings, unfortunately, can be complicated affairs — that’s why we try to keep it as simple as possible: 

  • First, choose your desired bouquets and arrangements.
  • Next, learn how to create them with our tutorials.
  • Before your big day, we provide your flowers. 
  • You then put your arrangements together. 
  • Lastly, enjoy beautiful, fresh flowers. 

Why Choose Us?

David Kimmel established Thistle & That as a means to meet the needs of brides and grooms in the Hurst area — to provide them a means to have real flowers at their wedding. As a renowned wedding florist who has worked side-by-side with brides and grooms all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area and the world to create exquisite floral arrangements for their big day, he understands the stressors of getting everything in place to make a wedding day a reality.

Thistle & That is a means for those with a wedding on a budget to enjoy stylish, fresh flowers at their wedding. Learn about the possibilities for your big day by viewing our gallery and contacting us!